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About Us

Euro Optical is located in the heart of Glendale-Ridgewood-Maspeth (Queens,NY)

Since 2007, we have been providing the community with quality eye care.

At Euro Optical, we believe that friendly and dedicated service is your right and our priority.

Our mission is to provide our patients with great vision and eye health.


Comprehensive Eye Examinations: Your journey to exceptional eye health starts with a comprehensive eye examination. Our team utilizes the latest diagnostic equipment to assess your vision, detect early signs of eye conditions, and tailor treatment plans to your unique needs.

Seeing Is Believing

Our Vision and Mission

At EURO OPTICAL, our mission is crystal clear: to deliver superior vision care services that bring clarity and brightness to the lives of all our clients. Experience a world of better vision with us

Enhancing Vision, Empowering Lives 

Your Clear Choice!

Licensed Professionals

Choose Better Professionals & Specialists for expertise that matters. Our dedicated team of experts are here to provide you with the highest level of specialized care, ensuring your well-being is in the best hands.

Legal Certificate

Rest assured, we are fully certified and legally recognized. Our commitment to compliance and quality ensures peace of mind for our clients and partners.

Advanced Medical Eyecare

Our cutting-edge tools and expert team are dedicated to providing advanced and precise solutions for your eye health, ensuring a brighter and clearer vision for every patient.

Frequently Ask Question

Welcome to our 'Q & A’ section, where you can find answers to the most common questions about our shop. 

Annual eye exams are recommended as a part of preventative health care. You may be unaware of problems because there are often no obvious signs or symptoms. It is important to detect and treat vision problems early in order to maintain good vision and eye health. Consult with your Euro Optical Optometrist about your particular vision needs. Children’s needs often vary, depending on individual age. 

As the eye exam is the most important element in determining your eyewear needs, we prefer that Euro Optical Doctor of Optometry examines your eyes. However, we will accept a current, valid prescription from a licensed Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.


We accept walk-ins.  But we recommend to schedule an appointment in advance.

This depends on your prescription and the kind of lenses you will be getting. It can take from between two days to one week.

We accept cash and all major credit cards, check, care credit, gift cards.

Euro Optical accept most major Insurance , Union plans and company vision plans. You can also use your flexible spending account, HAS (Health Saving Accounts) towards exam, eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses!

Yes. Euro Optical offers the latest designer sunglasses with both prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Yes. These non-prescription lenses are called „plano” lenses. Eyeglasses today have become an important fashion accessory. Even though you may not need vision correction, you can still enhance your image and style with an eyewear wardrobe.

We would be happy to replace the lenses in your existing frames. Bring in your eyeglasses to our store and our expert optical associates will evaluate the condition of the frames to see if the lenses can be replaced.

Yes, Euro Optical carry gift certificates that may be purchased in any denomination.